A Ural Experience Centre offers you a unique opportunity to learn more about Ural Motorcycles, to gain hands-on experience and build the confidence that will eventually allow you to get the most from your Ural.

Structured as a one-on-one experience, each day is tailored to your needs and the type of sidecar adventures you would like to undertake.

There are different Experience Days to choose from – ranging from basic to advanced, on-road or off-road (or a mixture), basic maintenance and discussions about how to prepare your Ural Motorcycle for a specific adventure or expedition.

Who is the Experience Centre for?

The Ural Experience Centre is for anyone who would like to learn more about Ural Motorcycles.

Whether you’re thinking of buying one for yourself or for your business, time at one of our centres will allow you to get a better understanding of how the lifestyle benefits of owning a Ural, either as a solo rider or with those who join you on your adventures.

We also invite journalists, influencers and reviewers to come and try something completely different, to discover a new story that they can share with their audiences.

Our centres are run by authorised operators, specifically selected to ensure you get the best Ural experience, and specific information that you need for your individual purposes.

Horsepower Sidecar Experience Days

Each our Ural Experience Centres offer our structured range of Experiences Days.

Our operators may adapt these according to location, weather and terrain therefore we recommend you discuss your specific requirements with the Ural Experience Centre operator of your choice.

Here are our suggested Sidecar Experience Days and what each one offers.